Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen

In the worlds of the great astronomer Carl Sagan, "Howdy, howdy, howdy, hi, hi, hi!"

My name is Oliver Ignatius and I run a basement recording studio out of my home. Named in honor of the cockatoo who raised me, Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen is open and available for business - that means bands, singer/songwriters, rappers, jazz players and small orchestras, and anyone seeking mixing assistance or sound design. I've been recording music for nearly ten years, and have played in and written for a number of bands including Ghost PalDirty Faces and Hysterics.

I'm running a Pro Tools 8 rig here, and I also own a couple of reel to reel tape machines for vintage audiophiles. I have a growing microphone collection of over 20 condensers and dynamics, an upright piano, drums, VOX and Fender guitar amps, an Ibanez bass amp and drums. I also will bring to your project my devoted ear, my studious attention to detail and my respect for your artistic freedom.

I also abhor the notion of hourly rates, because they compromise the spirit of creation and the necessary looseness of performance. So I do flat rates for projects; at the moment, I generally charge between $60 and $100 per finished song and that includes tracking, overdubs and mixing. I also am always open to any negotiations if that is not within your means but you are a dedicated and soulful artist.

My girlfriend Bernadette and I are also sharing the space with a few critters. There's Michael Jackson (we call him Jacko), the incredible lifesaving genius of an Australian Shepherd, so smart he'll put you to shame and make you feel good about it. Then there's his little buddy Ollie, a lean mean dachshund fella with a Napoleonic complex as big as he is small. There's Coco, our big white cockatoo, blessed with a charming personality and the most melodious singing voice imaginable. And who can forget her four brethren, the "little guys," conures Bert, Ernie, Shady and Sunny? Beautiful, clever winged beasts each.

I can be reached by email at the3droogs@hotmail.com for any conversation, also I have a phone but I'm not sure it's that good of an idea to put it on the internet. Maybe I'll reconsider and put it up tomorrow.

I'll post some studio tracks later tonight. For now here are a couple of videos that were taken down here!